Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 5 Lamest Villains

    Welcome to Comical-Musings.  Last month, we did a Top Five list for the first time.  It was nearly our highest viewed post!  I vowed to do a top five list every month and looked to YOU to provide ideas for what we can "top five-ize."  We have only had one request and it was by my wife, Jacqueline.  In her honor and because my dad always said to obey the wishes of pretty girls, I have compiled this June's top 5 list and it is the "Top 5 Lamest Villains."

Tom Vs. Aquaman?

    If you have read the blog more than twice or talked to me lately, you probably know that I like to listen to the ifanboy.com podcasts in the absence of football.  I have been listening to old episodes and just generally being amused by Ron, Josh, and Conor.  Their shows are clever and they speak in a clear voice with biting wit.  I write this to you on "Month of Hawkeye's Eve" to tell you that you might like one of their recommendations...Tom Vs. Aquaman.
    Many of my friends, especially my brother in-law Freddy, always tell me that they don't wanna' read the comics, they want me to just tell them about them.  It is generally believed that the way that I describe what has happened in the books with great exaggeration and embellishment is far greater than actually putting fingers to page.  That simple fact is part of the reason that Comical-Musings was given life...my desire to share.  Well, Tom Vs. Aquaman is similar to this.
    Tom Vs. Aquaman is a weekly podcast where Tom reads an old Aquaman comic and sums it up for you right on the spot.  He has good comic book intelligence and a charismatic nature so the jokes come fast and then they stick.  Don't mistake what I am saying, he mostly just reads the comic to you, but it stays entertaining.  Much more so than any other silver age experience that I have had.  So, if you like Aquaman or if you hate Aquaman or if you are indifferent to Aquaman, this podcast might give you a few chuckles and an occasional chortle.  You can listen at http://tomvsdcu.posterous.com/ or podcast off of Itunes.  Ya'll be good and I will see you at midnight for the release of June's Top Five list!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Big things will be popping in June

    Do you find yourself thinking, "Gosh!  I just LOVE Hawkeye!?"  Well, then June is the month for you.  We will be reading and reviewing some modern-age Hawkeye tales.  That's right... All-Hawkeye All The Time!  So if you can't get enough Clint Barton, keep up with the blog this month and you will be glad that you did!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My thoughts on "All Star Superman" the Animated Film

    Greetings to all of you and welcome back to Comical-Musings.  In honor of the world not ending this weekend, I decided to spend $1 and rent All Star Superman at a Redbox machine.  This will be an interesting review as:
A.this is a different medium than we usually enjoy (we are watching a dvd this time)
B. I am feeling a little loosey goosey.
I had listened to a review of this dvd previously on www.Ifanboy.com, but tried to make my own observations, rather than piggy back their personal thoughts.  You can tell that I am not just biting off their ideas as I actually didn't like the movie and they did.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Great Interview With Cullen Bunn Podcasted

    Hello again to all my friends, I'm glad you came to play.  I have recently been listening to tons of www.Ifanboy.com podcasts, which are downloadable from Itunes.  These have been a great way to soften the blow of no NFL draft and Sports radio devoid of anything interesting to talk about.  There was one recently that included a LONG interview with Cullen Bunn.  I have never read anything by him, but the practicality of his methods and his story was really fascinating to me.  That's why I posted it here.  If you like comics and literature in general, it is worth a listen.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 5 Most Sadistic Villains

    So, I have decided that I am going to try to do a monthly "Top 5" post.  These posts should be a little bit shorter than normal, but informative nonetheless.  I would love your suggestions for "Top 5" categories for future posts, so put your suggestion in the comments below and I will try to generate the "Top 5" list.
    Today's Top Five is the "Top Five Most Sadistic Villains."  This is easy to expound upon as these are the villains that creep me out the most.  I mean, these guys may not be the Antimonitor, Galactus, or Apocalypse type villains that destroy galaxies, but they could be the kind of villains that would enact some sort of random violence on my family.  These guys are sadistic!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm so happy because I'm feeling Invincible!

    Greetings again and welcome to Comical-Musings, your source for reviews, opinions, and suggestions about the wonderful world of comic books. I hope that you are amused by my little writings and that eventually, my words will lead you to great stories that you might have missed. We have had hits and misses and I would encourage all of you to read the comics that have been reviewed and then share your thoughts in the comments section. The comics that we have discussed over the past couple of months have been hit and miss, but today I come to you with a winner! Those of you that call yourselves Robert Kirkman fans might be surprised to read about today's offering that isn't The Walking Dead.

    Robert Kirkman is pretty much revered as the master of the modern day zombie story. His book, The Walking Dead is an independent comic published by Image that has won many awards and was even adapted into a hit show of the same name on AMC. He is a great writer and isn't afraid to take risks while bathing the reader in gritty realism. The way that Kirkman separates himself from Frank Miller and Garth Ennis is that he presents a human component. You can really identify with his characters. Kirkman is consistently solid in his writing, but fearless with the twists that he throws in. He created a comic in The Walking Dead, where main characters die or lose limbs freely, a place where the zombies are a set piece and human cruelty is the sadistic villain. The brilliant writing suggests a world where anything can happen. You can imagine how excited I was to hear that Robert Kirkman was doing a superhero comic book!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man, I wish that I could get a free comic book....

    Ladies, gentleman, and creatures alike, welcome back to Comical-Musings.  This summer is going to be huge for comic books and we should see tons of cross promotion with Green Lantern, Thor, and X-Men: First Class all dropping within months of each other.  When comics translate to film, it is typically a boom or bust situation with a great deal of conversation about whether it boomed or busted by fans like us.  There has been good, bad, and ugly.  We have seen comic book movies take non-top ten characters like Iron Man and make them a national sensation.  We have seen comic book movies have the quiet and brooding Hellboy singing show tunes.  We have seen Tobey Maguire as Spiderman....singing.  It will be terribly interesting to see how these films fare with fans.  I am always happy to see you and today I write to you about a momentous occasion.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Villains United: The Birth of the Secret Six

    Welcome back to Comical-Musings.  I am happy to have you back to visit.  I hope that your Easter Holiday was greatness.  My family is blessed and I hope that yours is too.  I have a little extra time to create this post as I am recovering from minor surgery on my toes.  I first read the subject matter discussed today a few years ago and really liked it.  I decided to give Villains United, by Gail Simone, a re-read last week and possibly use it to catapult me into the reading of the follow-up series to it, Secret Six.

    Villains United is a really pivotal title that didn't get a ton of acclaim in my opinion.  The Society, a legion of villainy that the world has never seen, comes to life in this book and seems to be a non-factor six issues later.  Lex Luthor, Talia Al Ghul, Dr. Psycho, Black Adam, Calculator, and Deathstroke make up the ruling body of the Society.  They make the supervillain community an offer that they can't refuse and basically union-ize the baddies of the D.C. Universe.  Join or die.  We see only a few villains oppose, but one is unique in Catman.