Friday, July 6, 2012

An Important Announcement For Readers!

    Good afternoon.  We are happy/excited to announce some new developments in the world of Comical Musings.  When The Writer's Blok picked up Romeo Sid Vicious and Jim Tenkins, never did we think that their inclusion in our project would do so much for Comical Musings.  Through their combined efforts, we have made our site a little bit better and will be leaving the "Blogger" family.  We have our own website now at and it will allow us better customization options and control over content.  We hope that if you have been following us here (many of you have) that you will make the jump (it's actually less typing to do) to  This site will remain active for a while as we re-route many of our links and pictures, but no new content will be posted to the blogspot website anymore.  Furthermore, we have also attained a Facebook identity and will be announcing new posts from there, rather than cluttering and clogging all of your timelines with unwanted announcements.  Through all of these changes and improvements, we hope that you will stick with us as we strive to provide you with constantly fresh and entertaining content.  If you would like to "like" us to stay connected on Facebook, click here and "like" away.  Share us with your friends so we can continue on our journey in community with each other and the stories, art, and characters that we love.

~ Scott Deaux ~

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